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Simple Photo Inspection

Document your properties with photos that are time/date stamped, and tagged for easy reference.


Full Move In / Move Out Inspection

Perform a complete California Association of Realtors® Move In / Move Out inspection on your mobile device.


Video Inspections

Unlimited video clips!  Links to video clips will even show up on PDF reports.


iOS / Android Compatible

The zInspector mobile app can be installed on iOS and Android phones and tablets.


Sign Your Inspections

Add inspector and tenant signatures to your Move In / Move Out inspection reports from the zInspector mobile app.


No Signal, No Problem

The zInspector mobile app continues to work offline. If you are in an area of low  reception or no internet, your photos, videos, inspections, and even property database edits will upload when your device is connected.



zInspector uses your mobile device’s maps application to give you the property location and directions to your property.


Upload on WiFi

Save your data! The zInspector mobile app can be set to upload your photos on WiFi only.


Find That Photo

zInspector’s powerful search and sorting capabilities allow you to quickly find that one photo in a thousand.


Full Resolution Photos

Need large photos? Easily access all of your full-resolution photos in the zInspector web portal.


No More Spreadsheets

Store all of your property information with zInspector’s customizable, searchable, property database.


Custom PDF Reports

Generate custom, printable PDF reports of your inspections and photos for tenants, owners, and vendors.


Secure and Backed Up

All of your full-resolution photos, notes, and inspections are saved and backed up on our secure Amazon server.


Shared Property Definitions

Create properties and assign specific property definitions (bedrooms, bathrooms, yards, roof, garage, etc.) to each property. All property definitions are synced across your office and devices.


Access Permissions

Assign different access permissions to specific employees. Group owners decide who can read, write, edit, and delete photos and inspections.


Employee Accountability

Did your agent show up to the appointment on time? Did the vendor complete the work? Group owners can track their employees’ actions.


A Greener Office

Our electronic reporting and cloud storage cuts down on paper usage, creating a greener office environment.


Contacts Page

Manage a detailed list of vendors, owners, tenants, and other contacts.


Evernote Integration

zInspector users have the option of linking their account to an Evernote account in order to archive their inspection reports.


Advanced Photo Tagging

Every photo you take can be tagged with a property, address, activity (ie. inspection, repair, marketing, etc.), area/room, detail, required/completed action, and comments.



Do you want a copy of all your reports to go to Dropbox?  With the zInspector API, that is easy to do.


Google Drive

Do you use Google Apps for your business? You can of course have your reports automatically email to you (and others), but you can also have reports upload immediately to Google Drive using our API.