2020 is history, but challenges remain. Many property managers continue to work from home, where juggling more often leads to accomplishing less. In some cases, sadly, property management teams are smaller this year, a consequence of belt-tightening in leaner times, though the task ahead will be greater than ever. But any PM can make the most of 2021, get help where it counts, and even carve out some extra downtime in the process with these automated tools from zInspector.

Auto-Report Emailing  Decide which team members, supervisors, virtual assistants and support staff should receive inspection reports—then move on. A copy of each completed inspection will email to these recipients automatically, keeping everyone effortlessly in the loop. Learn more…

Accounting Software Sync  For eligible PMs, this one’s a must. Simply set up an integration between a popular property accounting software like AppFolio or Propertyware and zInspector. Your relevant data—properties, tenants, and lease dates and statuses—stay up to date automatically. With your properties ready to inspect in the app and tenants available to invite to perform their own inspections and sign documents remotely, it couldn’t be easier. (And in the case of Rentec Direct and Rent Manager, a two-way integration uploads a copy of each completed inspection report automatically into the accounting software platform.) See how it works.

Security Deposit Return Calculator  Few tasks are more tedious for PMs than security deposit return calculations. But when you inspect with zInspector, items marked as Damaged auto-populate a security deposit return spreadsheet that calculates deductions automatically.  Add a cost for each damage (say, $150 for painting) and watch the spreadsheet do the math. The outbound tenant can reference the corresponding damage in the Move Out inspection report they receive. Reduce confusion and eliminate disputes over deposit return deductions with this one-two punch of inspection and automated security deposit return assistance. Check it out here.

Google Drive Sync  While zInspector’s storage of a wealth of inspection and property data remains super reliable and easy to access,  the new Google Drive sync feature, currently in beta, puts even more power in your hands. Automatically sync a custom Google spreadsheet of zInspector data and reference it any time,  whether you own a Google account or not! (Coming very soon—we’ll keep you posted.)

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