Enhanced Timeline ⁠with Media Stream – Released September 2020

Enhanced Timeline ⁠with Media Stream – Released September 2020

zInspector’s Timeline displays all your inspections and related activities for easy navigation—and it just got so much better.

The powerful new Media Stream boosts your cloud-based visual inspection history to the max by putting your inspection media front and center. Instantly search hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of photos, 360s, and videos—within a property or across your entire portfolio for specific areas or details of interest.

With full image searchability, you can effortlessly filter all media for a given property, activity, area, or detail.  Want to see every kitchen sink photo you’ve ever taken in zInspector? Just click Filter Media to give it a try:


Prefer not to see your images in Timeline? No problem. Simply disable the Media filter, which looks like this:


Whatever Timeline searches and filters you apply, remember you can always return to the default view by clicking the Clear button:


The enhanced Timeline also features refined icons and other improvements, largely based on user feedback.


Ready for an in-depth article on everything that’s changed? Click here.

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