With For Rent signs and Now Leasing banners generating fewer leads than ever these days, property managers need all the help they can get to boost their online marketing presence, without investing tons of time and effort.

Property managers around the world use zInspector to perform fully customizable inspections using their smartphone or tablet. Long before social distancing was a concern, zInspector’s innovative Tenant Move In feature allowed PMs to invite their tenants to perform their own move in inspections by smartphone for a more efficient and convenient check-in process. In March of 2020 when the pandemic brought life as we knew it to a halt, zInspector introduced Tenant Periodic Inspections and made them free for all users during the challenging times ahead. As a result, countless PMs have kept pace with with their inspection schedules by inviting their tenants to perform Tenant Move Ins and Tenant Periodic Inspections on an iOS or Android device.

zInspector’s tenant inspection app allows you to invite your tenants to perform their own Move In and mid-lease (Annual, Periodic, & Renewal) inspections, and much more.

With inspections well in hand, property managers can focus on other challenges.  A big one, we’ve mentioned, is residential rental property marketing in a primarily virtual marketplace. Now you can give your online presence a boost when your tenants perform their inspections using a simple strategy: embedded content in your tenant-completed inspection templates.


  1. Embed a video within your Tenant Move In template.
  2. Invite new tenants to perform Tenant Move In inspections.
  3. During their inspection, tenants tap to watch the video.
  4. With each tap, tenants visit your website to view the video.

    Illustration: embedded video in the Tenant Move In template.


  • Keep pace with your inspection schedule.
  • Increase your website traffic with each view.
  • Promote awareness of valuable lease add-ons.
  • Enhance revenue opportunities for your business.
  • Boost your Google search ranking—reach more prospects!

Google’s search bar is the primary public gateway into today’s residential rental market, and Google search ranking is the most powerful indicator of a business’s online presence in 2021. The higher your rank, the more likely prospective tenants will visit your site. Three key factors that determine ranking (the number of direct visits to your site, the amount of time a visitor spends there during a visit, and the presence of videos on the visited page) are all satisfied when you embed a Resident Benefits Package video within your Tenant Inspections by zInspector!

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