When it comes to major home appliances, it can sometimes feel like they own you. For a property manager with hundreds or thousands of appliances in their care, tracking and managing all that appliance info can feel like a full-time job, even with no one available to do it.  

zData by zInspector solves your appliance problems in a big way.  You’ll capture key appliance info like model and serial numbers during your next inspection, tenant-led inspection, or the next time you stop a property. The data will sync across your account, organize itself instantly, and remain easily searchable, whenever you need it.  

Quick-reference model and serial numbers will empower you to:

  • Effortlessly search relevant service recall notices. 
  • Efficiently communicate and dispatch repair techs and servicers.
  • Quickly identify good options for a particular appliance cutout when it’s time to replace. 
  • Definitively verify that your tenants aren’t swapping out the good appliances with lower quality ones when they move out—believe us, it happens!

Leave those frustrated “I can’t find the serial tag” phone calls, manual eye-crossing spreadsheet processes, and overtaxed institutional memory queries to other property management offices. You’ve got this. 

Start taming your appliance database today: See how it works!

zData is free to try for a limited time on all zInspector accounts: Plans & Pricing

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