A drive-by inspection is informal and efficient. You pull up to a property, make sure it’s still there, verify that it isn’t on fire, snap a photo, jot some notes, and move on.

zInspector’s Drive-By Inspection template, also known as a Curbside Inspection, allows you to conduct this due-diligence sanity check from your sidewalk vantage point in just a few minutes. No photo management, data entry, or filing required back at the office: you’re done before pulling away from the curb.

When conducting a summertime Drive-By Inspection, you’ll want to make sure that the front lawn is adequately watered. Note any concerns with general upkeep, tree maintenance, parking irregularities, or pet cleanup, and note any evident maintenance or repair needs. Plus, an especially neglected yard may indicate an ill-maintained property at large; you can schedule a more thorough inspection accordingly.

With a zInspector Drive-By Inspection you can catch small tendencies before they become a big deal. You can dispatch a servicer or maintenance worker before the tenant gets around to reporting a problem. You can engage with a tenant on upkeep habits before things really go sideways. It’s a modest template that can pack a powerful punch and up your overall inspection game this summer.

Change your template name: Don’t like the name Drive-By? No problem! Change it to Curbside Inspection or whatever you prefer: it won’t take long. This article with video shows you how.

Note: The Drive-By Inspection comes standard on zInspector accounts. Tap Inspect in the zInspector 3 mobile app and select it from the list to get started. Not finding this template on your app’s list? Admin users can modify or deactivate templates at any time. Check your Inactive Templates folder, create a new draft, and publish it to make it active.

Questions? Email support@zinspector.com.