At zInspector, we get it: to keep on track, property managers work really hard. Yet, time and again, even the most committed PMs hold onto redundant, obsolete processes that cost too much—in time, effort, and physical resources—and produce marginal results.

Now with zInspector, chances are that the work you perform is pulling double duty, which means you’re making progress on an additional future task, with no extra effort on your part.

Need examples? Here’s a few.

Perform a Move In While Also Prepping a Move Out. The effort put into the Move In (or tenant-completed Move In) saves you work when you can instantly compare those pre-occupancy conditions, comments, and photos with the state of the home when the tenant has moved out. You can even apply the previous conditions directly with a single click in the app or a short process on the website if little has changed.

Perform a Move Out While Also Prepping a Move In. During a Move In, you can refer directly to the previous Move Out conditions, comments, and photos and update for improvements resulting from repairs and turnover tasks.

Perform a Move Out & While Also Populating a Security Deposit Return Form. Each item marked damaged (D) automatically populates an Excel (XLS) spreadsheet. Simply download the XLS, enter amounts for the original deposit and specified damages, and zInspector does the math!

Snap 360° Property Photos While Getting a Head Start on a Virtual Tour. The quick photographic coverage you achieve during a 360° property shoot results in panoramic photos that are easily stitched together using zInspector’s virtual tour editor.

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