Many industries conveniently slow down during the summer months, but property management isn’t one of them.

Property management pros commonly face higher rates of turnover from June through August, amidst more moving parts, with tenants harder to pin down for routine inspections and team members more likely to check out for well-deserved getaways.

After the year we’ve been through, everyone deserves to enjoy a bit more free-ranging relaxation, flexibility, and fun in the coming months, and zInspector can help, wherever you (and your hotspot) happen to be!

Time- and effort-saving tools to give you more downtime this summer, and all year long.

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Amazing Inspections with the zInspector 3 app

zInspector 3‘s standard templates, and your custom ones, eliminate guesswork, leave no room for doubt, and ensure that everything has been inspected before you leave the property. You’re free to you sign off for a wine-tasting weekend, job well done. Experienced zInspector users tell us that they often save an hour or more on each routine inspection performed with our unparallelled app. The resulting inspection reports are easy to edit, print and share!

Remote Signing + Enhanced Feedback

Send a completed inspection or other document to a tenant for signature, general feedback, or even line-by-line comments, all without leaving your comfort zone, whether that’s your office chair or poolside hammock. It’s a really great feature.

360º Inspections

Armed with a compatible 360º camera, you can document an entire single-family property in about 5 minutes. The images can even pull double duty as the basis for a super quick, affordable D.I.Y. virtual tour. 360º cameras also take fun and immersive vacation pics: just sayin’. Here’s more info on that.

2D Layout & Tour Template (in beta!)

Create a custom 2D property layout that’s sure to enhance any listing using the newly released in-app Layout + Tour template. You’ll snap 360s by tapping within the layout, and you’re 95% done with an enhanced walkable virtual tour before even leaving the property. Let your listings page bring genuinely interested prospects your way, while you take a dip in the pool. We recommend that you start by building a sample layout and tour of your office or home office!

Costs Tool: Add Damage/Repair Prices During Inspections

Add damage costs and repair bids for action items within the inspection template as you encounter them on the property. You won’t have all those mental calculations waiting for you back at the office. Your tenant- and owner-responsibility amounts can even total separately with a little template customization! Start adding costs and bids in no time!

Auto-Assisted Security Deposit Return Calculations

Breeze through security deposit returns: for any completed Move Out inspection, simply add costs to listed damages in an auto-filled XLS spreadsheet. Watch the damage costs deduct from the deposit automatically while you contemplate what to throw on the grill for dinner. Learn more about this really helpful feature.

Tenant-Completed Inspections

Invite a tenant to perform their own move in, periodic, annual, or renewal inspection in just a few minutes—they work great! Spend the extra time getting ahead on other things. Check out a real tenant inspection or learn how even tenants love doing their own inspections.

Property Accounting Software Integrations

Data entry isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. When you integrate your Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, AppFolio or Propertyware account with zInspector, all that property and tenant info stays up to date automatically, and in some cases your inspection reports upload back to the software with no extra steps!

A Paperless PM Office Experience

Keep working from home, or alone in the office, or from the beach, or anywhere you bring your personal hotspot. Work collaboratively, seamlessly, efficiently anywhere you have internet—and perform inspections even when you don’t! Let go of paper processes, bid farewell to filing cabinets, and relax. Need more convincing?

With someone always taking off for a three-day weekend at the last minute—hopefully it’s you!—and lots of other moving parts in the coming months, you’ll be relieved to have these robust and adaptive tools at the ready. zInspector gives you plenty of options to work through any situation this summer may bring, so you can do more of what summer means to you.

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