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Android Rental Property Inspection App

There are tons of Android Property Inspection software apps in the Google Play store.  But, first-thing-first, zInspector is not just an app!  An app is a single piece of software that exists on a single device.  Even if you install the app on multiple devices, each device is independent.


zInspector is a complete property inspection platform. This enables one user on one device to perform a tenant move-in inspection, but, years later, a different employee on a different device can perform a tenant move-out inspection. The zInspector rental property inspection software solution enables Master Bedroom photos and videos from one user to be instantly compared to photos and videos from a different user, even if taken years apart.


In addition, the zInspector Android Property Inspection software works great even if others in the office are using the zInspector iOS Property Inspection app.  The zInspector Android Property Inspection app is designed so that your personal data and business data do not overlap.


The zInspector Property Inspection app does not store your Photos in your standard phone gallery…do you really want your tenant move-out photos mixed with your kids soccer photos…not with zInspector!  Furthermore, the zInspector app is designed to delete photos and videos off of your device after your property inspection report data has been uploaded. You can of course change the setting in the app to decide how long to keep a copy of your rental property inspection reports on your mobile device.  But, you can always re-run and easily find your old reports even through the app by clicking on Timeline which instantly organizes all of your property inspection results.


Android Property Inspection App Designed for Your Business

zInspector’s Android Property Inspection Software is designed for business.  What happens if you lose your device?  No problem, just change the password on your account and the zInspector Property Inspection app on the lost device will be locked.  What happens if any employee leaves? Again, no problem. Just delete the employee’s account from the Group tab on the zInspector web portal.  None of their property inspection data will be lost nor will you lose the reference information regarding whom performed the inspection. Your contracting or property management company can keep all the inspection without continuing to need to pay a zInspector subscription for that employee.


Incredibly, zInspector is totally free to try and even free to use for 5 units.


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Android Property Inspection Software