Advanced Photo Tagging

Advanced Photo Tagging 2018-04-19T17:15:03+00:00

Customize Your Photos

zInspector’s advanced photo tagging feature allows you to customize your photos even further than the automatic geo-location tags and time/date stamps. With zInspector, you can add comments, colored tags or even text on top of your photos.



Each photo can be edited to add attributes, areas and any other details. Our unique tagging system makes it easy to search through photos for a specific attribute or to highlight a certain detail in a photo.



Efficient and Easy

Need one of your maintenance employees to know exactly what needs to be fixed? Mark a photo with a tag! Want to point out an especially great feature of a property to a prospective tenant? Make a note on a photo! With Advanced Photo Tagging from zInspector, it’s easy to make your photos work better for you by customizing them.


With zInspector, each of your carefully taken photos is a unique and editable entity.