Full Synchronization with Rent Manager

Rentec Direct - we released our first accounting integration in 2017.  Now, all of your property and unit data automatically comes from Rentec Direct into zInspector. Rentec Direct is a very easy to use full feature property management accounting software program.  If you want easy-to-use accounting software, definitely check out Rentec Direct. But if you [...]

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zInspector Introduces Property Inspection in One Tap!

October 18, 2017 In one tap, instantaneously capture a 360 panoramic image of every surface of a room! The end result is that your company and your clients gain an unprecedented level of documentation. You can tilt all the way down to the floor, all the way up to the ceiling, you can spin [...]

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zInspector Now Integrates with Rentec Direct!

Grants Pass, OR May 10, 2017 — Industry leading software solution for property management, Rentec Direct, has partnered with leading rental inspection software provider zInspector to make rental inspections easy and efficient. This new integration allows Rentec Direct account holders to download their property management information into the zInspector mobile app and complete rental property inspections on the [...]

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How to Avoid Going to Court

Going to court over any type of issue is an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, property managers often feel that they have no choice but to take tenants to court over unpaid rent, extreme damage to property or breach of lease. One of the trickiest things about going to court is making sure that you have the [...]

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Is your data in the cloud? Here’s why it should be.

Every property manager has experienced the feeling of showing up to a client meeting and realizing that somehow the papers you needed have disappeared. If your data is in the cloud, it's easy to pull up the documents that you need whenever and wherever you are. Sharing documents and files among employees and clients is as [...]

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5 Essential Tips For Attracting Good Residents

Every property manager knows the struggle of attracting "good" residents - those who will pay rent on time, be quiet and respectful of property rules and not cause any trouble. There are a few tips and tricks that can help attract great tenants and make your life as a property manager much easier in the [...]

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3 Ways to Fill Vacancies Without the Hassle

Filling vacancies quickly and easily is the goal of every property manager. However, there are so many ways to try and market your property to fill vacancies, it's hard to know which one is the right one! While it might be tempting to do all of them at once, that's not the most economically reasonable [...]

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Compare Move/In Move Out Inspections Side by Side

Sometimes you have a tenant getting ready to move out and while performing the move out inspection you have the sneaking suspicion that the window frame they claim was broken when they moved in was in great condition. If you're already using zInspector, you'll have access to the photos you took during the Move In [...]

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Sacramento RHIP Inspections

Every property manager knows that using the Sacramento Rental Housing Inspection Program form can be a real hassle. From printing out the form to getting all the necessary signatures, the process is tedious and inefficient. zInspector simplifies the process like no other app can. Use the Docs feature to access the pre-made template for the [...]

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Landlord Portland lists zInspector – leading inspection app

Thanks for the independent review Landlord Portland!   http://www.landlordportland.com/#!inspection-app-review/c15jg   Since Landlord Portland's review, we've got lots of improvements in the works. zInspector now uploads faster than ever...with video too!  

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