Property inspection software for real estate, construction, home improvement, and property management professionals.

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Property Inspection Software for Move In / Move Out / Annual / Maintenance / City Inspections

Perform all your property inspections with zInspector! Finally, get everything organized, accessible, and backed up….instantly!

The perfect Field Management solution including iOS and Android Property Inspections complementing any contractor accounting or property management software.

Designed for enterprise but priced for independents.


Customized For Your Business!   Paperless Property Inspection / Field Paperwork

Auto generation of easily printable yet custom PDF reports of your property inspections including photos and videos.  zInspector is a complete property inspection software solution encompassing fast and searchable results for all of your users.

Tons of report inspection report export options including auto-email distribution, Dropbox, Google Drive, DotLoop, and more. zInspector even includes unlimited cloud storage for other documents you upload.


iOS / Android Property Inspection Apps for Offline Use

The zInspector mobile property inspections apps are designed to be fast and flexible and to be used simultaneously on iOS and Android.  Amazon Kindle too!  zInspector works great on both phones, tablets, and iPads. zInspector’s unique two-part synchronization allows for the entire office to be connected while minimizing data latency and mobile data usage with near zero synchronization errors.

It just works.

Instantly Organized

Photos and videos taken with zInspector on your mobile device (or uploaded by your computer) are categorized by date and property into Activities. Everything is time-stamped, user-stamped, and GPS-stamped automatically. You can apply additional attributes and add comments to your photos for a more detailed summary.

zInspector enables years worth of property inspection software results taken by any number of users or devices to be searchable or filterable. Type in Bathroom in the Filter box and one could instantly see all of the Bathroom photos and videos whether taken from a Maintenance Inspection, Leasing Appointment, Annual Inspection, or Tenant Move-In / Move-Out Property Inspection.

zInspector is not just another property inspection app, a complete cloud solution allowing your many 10,000’s or even millions of photos and videos to be instantly organized and accessible no matter who performed the property inspection.

Full Move In / Move Comparison or Quick Photo and Video Inspections

Perform a simple photo/video inspection for maintenance issues or 3 Day notice documentation, or a perform a full tenant  move in / move out inspection. The zInspector property inspection apps have modes for a quick inspection, full rental inspection, or any property inspection template you design.  iPhone Property Inspection? Android Rental Inspection? iPad Property Inspection? Kindle Smoke Detector Inspection?  Yes! …it all works!

Not only will zInspector instantly email a PDF of your completed inspections to multiple email addresses, but everything is available in your zInspector web portal for additional reviewing, filtering, sharing, and reporting.

Incredibly, zInspector allows multiple users to simultaneously perform inspections….all of their photos and videos can be combined to a single report.  You can always re-run reports and just select the photos and videos of interest.

Accountability with Real-Time Documentation

All your property photos, videos,  and inspections are uploaded to the zInspector web portal, where they are automatically sorted by date, property and objective into Activities. There you can view the photos, edit attributes and comments, and generate a report in just seconds!

With zInspector, you instantly know what is happening with any of your properties or units.  Instantly see who is inspecting a particular unit today or just as quickly compare years worth of previous property inspections.

Already have property management software? No problem, you can easily import a property / unit list into zinspector and your entire office can be inspecting on  single platform in minutes.  Whether you take one photo for a maintenance item or 100’s of photos and videos for a move-out rental inspection…it is all instantly searchable and available.